Backsplash Ideas for Any Kitchen Style

Backsplash Ideas for Any Kitchen Style

The backsplash behind your range and sinks adds visual interest, protects walls from moisture and makes cleaning easier. There are countless options in terms of materials, patterns and colors to match any kitchen style. A kitchen designer can help choose the perfect backsplash to complement your cabinets, countertops and overall design aesthetic.


Popular materials for backsplashes include:

•Tiles – The most common option with myriad colors, shapes and patterns to choose from in ceramic, porcelain and glass.

•Natural stone – In addition, options like marble, granite and quartz offer timeless beauty and durability. Can be cut into decorative patterns.

•Metal -Also, durable choices like stainless steel, brass and copper work well in industrial-style kitchens.

•Cement – Backsplashes made of polished cement are increasingly popular for rustic, transitional or modern looks.


•Subway tiles – The most classic backsplash pattern that never goes out of style. Can vary size of tiles for visual interest.

•Herringbone – A sophisticated pattern achieved by laying tiles on a diagonal. Works well in small spaces.

•Grid mosaic- Smaller tile pieces arranged in defined rows create a geometric pattern that adds visual interest.

•Mix and match- Combine different sizes, shapes and textures of tile for a visually interesting eclectic look.

•Statement piece – Draw the eye with an oversized decorative tile, cut-out pattern or accent strip in a contrasting color.


  • Match – Carry the same color palette throughout your kitchen by choosing a backsplash tile that closely matches your cabinets or countertops.

•Complimentary – Select a tile color that contrasts but harmonizes with cabinetry and countertops for visual interest.

•Accent -Make a bold statement by going with a backsplash tile color that is quite different from other colors in the room.


Backsplashes can feature:

•Traditional grout joints for a more casual appearance.

•Mosaic tiling for a sophisticated aesthetic using small tiles set close together.

With so many options and ways to customize, a well-designed backsplash can be a focal point that ties your kitchen together. Work with a seasoned kitchen designer to ensure all of your material, pattern, color and installation choices create visual harmony within your space.

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