Kitchen Post-Renovation Upkeep

Now that your major Sydney kitchen renovation is complete, it’s important to implement proper care and maintenance practices to keep your newly updated space looking and functioning at its best. Small tasks carried out regularly can help prevent damage, prolong the lifetime of materials, and stop minor issues from becoming expensive problems down the road. Here are some key tips for post-renovation upkeep:

First and foremost, clean spills quickly to avoid stains or residues from setting in.

Invest in appliances so they can be wiped down immediately after use with a microfiber cloth. This same cloth works well for cleaning other surfaces too like countertops, sinks and cabinet exteriors to remove daily messes and grease. Furthermore, switch out the cloth frequently to prevent spreading grime.

Scheduled wipe-downs prevent heavy buildup over time.

Designate one weeknight each week for a deeper clean where you focus on particular areas. Monday for example could target the oven interior while Wednesday freshens up post-renovation appliances. Quick wipe sessions mean daily tasks don’t pile up into a burdensome chore later.

Regular appliance maintenance also protects multi-hundred dollar investments.

Check owner’s manuals for specific cleaning frequencies. For example, some dishwashers call for monthly cleaning of filters and drain areas. Routine fridge vacuum-outs keep coils clear of dust buildup. Appliance cleaning extends product lifespans.

Maintaining cabinets is hugely important as well.

Head off moisture or pest issues by limiting open food storage and wiping up all spills. Periodically inspecting interiors helps catch minor problems early before requiring fixes. Don’t forget to touch up any touch-up paint as needed to preserve that brand new look.

For high-use polished stone or hardwood surfaces, consider applying protective coatings. Re-coat as directed which can vary from every 6 months to yearly. This seals surfaces to resist everyday post-renovation wear, marks and spills for long-lasting beauty. Consult providers to select the best sealant for individual material types.

Proper ventilation prevents mildew growth in kitchens prone to humidity. Run the range hood daily or open windows briefly when cooking and after showers. Check periodically for signs of mildew in vents, walls or cabinetry and address promptly with a mild bleach solution if found.

By keeping daily maintenance top-of-mind, you can happily enjoy your newly renovated Sydney kitchen for many years to come without worrying about prematurely aging finishes or appliances. Minor upkeep is key to maximizing your investment.

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