magno kitchens installation process

Magno Kitchens Installation Process

The installation of Magno custom kitchens is a complex but well-managed procedure. From demolition to cleanup, here are the key stages in the Magno installation process.

To begin, the Magno team thoroughly reviews all plans and specifications with the client to ensure everything is accurate before work begins. Consequently, any changes can do at this stage.

Next, the old cabinets and countertops removed from the space. Any plumbing, electrical lines, and vents in the way are then relocate. Hence, there is a clear workspace for new cabinet and countertop installation.

The new cabinets are installed first.

Magno’s expert installers precisely measure and cut frames, panels and doors to match the custom design. Therefore, cabinets fit perfectly into the space without issues.

After cabinets, the new countertops are installed.

Depending on the material, either wood or laminate countertops are simply glue in place while stone and quartz require more precise cutting and solid anchoring to withstand heavy use. Thus, countertops are stable and secure.

Once cabinets and countertops are set, electrical and plumbing fixtures reconnect by license contractors. Then, lighting, shelving and hardware are add. Consecutively, appliances are hook up and test to ensure proper function.

Prior to completion, the entire space is thoroughly clean. This includes cabinets, countertops, floors, and walls. In a short time, the newly installed Magno kitchen will look showroom new.

Finally, Magno representatives conduct a walkthrough with the client to ensure complete satisfaction. Any minor adjustments made at this point.

In summary, Magno’s kitchen installation process incorporates an organized sequence of installation, testing and cleanup stages. Careful planning and precise execution results in a custom kitchen that exceeds clients’ visions and functions flawlessly for years.

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