Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Complete Renovation

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Complete Renovation

Of all the potential changes involved in a full kitchen remodel, updating or replacing cabinets often offers the largest visual impact for the investment. Though simple cosmetic refreshes directly remain possible, replaced cabinets frequently deliver the most transformed, upgraded appearance. As such, carefully considering cabinet options actively contributes majorly to achieving your ideal new kitchen space.

Initially, determine whether repainting current cabinets potentially suffices or full replacement seems necessary to satisfy renovation goals. Painting cabinetry directly presents an affordable way to essentially give “new” cabinets without the cost. However, replacement allows choosing the exact layout, colors, finishes and hardware ideally required. Still, start by inspecting existing cabinet conditions to decide which route potentially works best.

If replacing cabinets, key decisions involve selecting material, color and hardware.

Wood remains the classic, timeless choice but comes at a higher cost. Conversely, laminate offers an affordable, durable alternative that readily accepts any finish or color. Whites and light neutrals frequently create the most open, airy kitchens visually but follow personal style. As for hardware, simultaneously simple and on-trend options like matte black or oil rubbed bronze pulls pair complementarily with most designs.

Once material, finish and hardware options get selected, focus on layout and functionality.

Optimize storage for your specific needs by including pull-out drawers, slide-out shelves and adjustable racks or bins within. Additionally, think practically about the number and size of drawers and cabinetry required to organize cookware, dishes and small appliances functionally. Aim to arrange everything within reach to minimize unnecessary movements while prepping and cooking.

When originally installing replacement cabinets, involve a professional installer to ensure things get situated precisely for optimum use. Though the overall cabinet design may differ, request installers precisely match existing details like outlet and plumbing locations behind the scenes. This continuity avoids having to move appliances or modify existing infrastructure. Good installers also offer customized options to achieve the perfect layout for your space and needs.

In summary, thoughtfully updating or replacing worn cabinets provides a cornerstone of any kitchen renovation by literally and figuratively forming the framework for a transformed space. While repainting saves money, switching to entirely new cabinetry allows achieving the exact storage capacities and optimal layout required. Yet whether cosmetically refreshing or fully replacing, focus on material, finish and hardware options that match your style while creating a functional storage system.

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