Upgrading Your Kitchen: The Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Upgrading Your Kitchen: The Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Refreshing cabinetry is a critical part of any kitchen renovation. Custom cabinets offer significant advantages over stock options by providing a tailored design to suit your needs and style.

Custom cabinetry allows for a completely personalized layout that maximizes storage and functionality for how you use your kitchen. Rather than conforming to pre-set dimensions, custom cabinets are built to order based on your room’s specific measurements.

This permits designing cabinets that perfectly fill nooks and odd angles.

It also ensures proper space allocation between cabinets for open floorplans. Custom cabinets fit flush against walls without any excess space to optimize every inch of your kitchen.

Beyond the layout, custom cabinetry offers choices for hardware, materials and finishes that stock cabinets can’t match. You pick cabinet styles, wood grains, panel designs and door configurations based on your taste. Popular door styles range from traditional raised panels to shaker, slab and contemporary flat styles.

For hardware, custom cabinetry provides options to mix and match knobs, pulls and handles in different styles, materials and colors. This allows creating a cohesive hardware palette that complements the overall design aesthetic. You can even incorporate open shelving and display cabinets into the design.

In terms of materials, custom cabinetry affords the use of variety of durable, high quality wood species from oak and maple to cherry or walnut. You aren’t limit to the types of wood that stock cabinets offer. Foreign hardwoods and composite materials are also options available through a cabinet company. For exterior cabinetry that withstands weather, metal cabinets are another option for custom orders. When it comes to finishes,

Custom cabinets offer superior choices that suit your taste.

In addition to standard wood stains and painted finishes, options like decorative enhancements, glass doors and laminates expand the possibilities. Finishes are applied onsite by expert carpenters to ensure a professional result.

Another key benefit of custom cabinets is that they are design to last. Made with precision using high quality materials, custom cabinets are built to endure years of use under heavy kitchen loads. Plywood boxes rather than particleboard strengthen the structure while half-blind dovetail joinery is used for durability.

Finally, custom cabinets provide flexibility throughout the lifetime of your kitchen. Should you later want to rearrange or expand the layout, custom cabinetry allows for modifications that accommodate your evolving needs. Additional matching cabinets can simply be order to supplement the original designs.

In summary, upgrading your kitchen with custom cabinetry ensures storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements. The focused design results in maximized functionality while personalized options deliver a cabinet style that reflects your unique taste.

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